The Story


Far from loud, but most definitely heard.

Blending a minimalist approach to footwear and apparel with luxury materials.

The brand came to life in England by Jamal Lawrence, born in Gloucester. He noticed a demand within the footwear market for accessible, luxury sneakers. Growing up with the personal desire to steer away from the latest fashion trends, Lawrence decided to create an iconic and unique footwear label. Following the success of within the first year, the brand began to extend their product range into apparel and accessories.

Setting aside from an industry of fast-fashion, Estrada UK is a brand that will forever hold its value.

Estrada UK hopes to pave the way for luxury goods to come out of the Gloucestershire area. With features like the Gloucester Docks, which began its early imports of luxury wines and spirits from mainland Portugal. We look to continue the legacy of bringing high end goods to the city. We aspire to put the Gloucestershire area back on the map in a similar way to how the Docks did back in 1827.

'Estrada' is the Portuguese term for 'road' or 'highway'.

Just like life, these concrete passageways are accompanied with obstacles that may stall your journey. Estrada UK aims to inspire all who come across barriers in their personal growth with the hope to "Break Thru".